FBS Setup Guide

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FBS Setup Guide

Time to kick-start the FBS Fingerboard Wiki with some general tech questions.

One of the most asked questions which I get almost daily is about setups:
'Can I use this deck with these trucks? Will these wheels work on these trucks?...'

Actually it is super easy to pick the parts for your setup that will 'work together'. The final decision about how your setup looks like in the end depends on your personal preferences.
There will definitely be a Wiki entry about the different types of wheels and how their material and bearing system effects their performance as well as another one on trucks. But let’s get started with the basic hardware questions first.

Which trucks fit on which deck?
At the moment you can choose between 29mm and 32mm trucks, which one is best for your setup depends on the width of your deck. If your deck is 32mm wide or more go for the 32mm trucks, everything smaller than 32mm go for the 29mm trucks.
With your trucks being a lot wider than your deck you might have a hard time doing flip tricks. Fingerboarding is related to Skateboarding so it makes sense to have a similar way to set up your deck.

Which wheels fit on which trucks?
All you need to know is if your wheels are single or dual bearing wheels and which trucks support either of them. To make this quick and easy here is a small chart of all brands making trucks and wheels you can currently get at FBS. The color shows you if they fit together perfectly (green), not at all (red) or if there is anything you should know about that combination (yellow).

Extra info

Ytrucks + Winkler Wheels or Oak Wheels*
You can use these wheels with Ytrucks but they will wobble slightly.
Ytrucks are made for dual bearing wheels. The axle pin is longer to fit two bearings on each side, so all wheels with only one bearing have some space to move around. Even if you over-tighten the lock nuts (btw - you shouldn’t do that) single bearing wheels will still wobble slightly.

* Update from October 14th 2016: With the FBS Ytrucks Spacers you can now use single bearing wheels like Oak Wheels or Winkler Wheels on your Ytrucks without any wobbling.

Blackriver Trucks + Ywheels
The axle pin on Blackriver Trucks is designed to fit only single bearings wheels. It’s too short to fit Ywheels.

Bollie Wheels and Trucks
Bollie Trucks and Wheels are made for beginners and therefore can’t be compared with the professional trucks and wheels in the above chart.
The hole at the backside of the Bollie Wheels is too small to fit on any professional trucks. Bollie Trucks on the other hand are not shaped to support any professional bearing wheels.

This Wiki entry, as well as all future FBS Wiki entries, will be updated in case there are any changes to the hardware or if new brands and products will be added to the FBS webshop.

I hope you enjoyed this short guide.

See you soon


  1. Katharina Schütz Katharina Schütz

    Hi Samuel,
    take a look at our setup guide: http://www.fingerboardstore.de/en/blogs/blog/fbs-setup-guide-50710/
    I don't know about the other trucks you have mentioned. We don't sell china trucks on FBS.

  2. samuel demaine samuel demaine

    does oak wheels fit on the brand new 32mm teck deck trucks and if not do they fit on brocken nuckle trucks?

  3. Charles Moore Charles Moore

    I just started fnigerboarding I can do a kick flip and cool things too I'm 11 years old I live in Texas just moved from Chicago. I was wondering if I could get a complete set for a fingerboard I really need help getting a fingerboard I don't Have enough money for one. I practice for like 1 or 2 hours a day on a cheap tech deck my friend gave me. Please please please contact me!

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