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Almost 8 years of FBS - time for a new look.

First of all I want to thank all you for the great support during all this time. Without the awesome fingerboarding community – online and offline - a project like FBS wouldn‘t be possible - THANK YOU.

Besides the brand-new online shop with a bunch of amazing features, the new FBS website is more than just an online shop. As I‘m fingerboarding for 10+ years, I witnessed the development of the international fingerboard community during the past years. Even though the community is bigger than ever before, it‘s harder to find certain information about fingerboarding.
There are great websites for daily fingerboard news that I read regularly like fingerboardtv.de, fingercan.com and unitefingerboarding.com to name just a few of them. They are written by fingerboarders nearly everyone knows and they all do an awesome job but there is something I‘m missing online - articles. In other words: longer posts with more unique content and information. And that‘s the aim of the new FBS website and this blog.
Still the majority of people first get in touch with fingerboarding online. Meanwhile it‘s easy to find tutorials about a bunch of tricks, but how about all the things you would ask someone who is fingerboarding for years? Who has been to international events around the world and lives and breathes fingerboarding?
Don‘t get me wrong, I‘m not saying I know everything about fingerboarding but I think, the things I know are worth to be shared with you. My aim with the new FBS website is it, to create a wiki for fingerboarding, mixed with news from the scene as an addition to the FBS online shop.

I already have some ideas for the next couple of posts but as I‘m writting for the community and as it’s a long-term project YOU can get involved too. Feel free to send me your suggestions by e-mail, let me know what you would like to read about and finally ask all the questions you always wanted to ask about fingerboarding.

It‘s a community project, so let‘s get this going!

See you soon



  1. Katharina Schütz Katharina Schütz

    Hi Bar,
    You get exactly the red Berlinwood Wide 'Tougui Lost Fingers' shown on the photo. It's the last one in stock and BW stopped printing that graphic.

    - Katha

  2. bar sofer bar sofer

    I want to order the berlinwood wide shape lost finger deck soon and i saw it comes in a lot of color variations.
    what colors do you have?

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