FBS Holidays 2017

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FBS Holidays 2017

We are taking a little break from September 15th until November 1st 2017.

You might have noticed that I was less active on social media during the last couple of weeks and here is why. I will move to Portugal to start my Master degree at a University in Porto this October. All summer long I prepared everything in order to make sure FBS will work smoothly while I will study there.

A little background information on FBS.
FBS is run by me (Katha) with a lot of support from my family and friends. My parents f.e. take care of shipping ever since I moved to another city for my Bachelor degree in 2011. Almost 7 years later they have shipped thousands of your orders all around the world, so they are real Pros.
I have lived in Italy and Indonesia for almost a year before I traveled 4 weeks across Asia for the #FBSDIYTOUR in 2015. So this is not going to be the first time I'm running FBS from a different country, but it’s definitely better prepared then ever before.
However, there are still a lot of things I can only organize when I’m in Porto, like paperwork for my University and the local authorities, moving into an apartment, getting an internet connection…all the usual stuff you have to do when moving to another City.

Instead of providing any kind of low quality service for a few weeks, we are taking this break, so I can move to Porto. I will setup everything I need there for FBS and then we kick start things again on November 1st.

Every single order placed until Friday September 15th will be shipped! We won’t let anyone wait until November 1st, don’t worry.
The website will be online all the time, it just won’t be possible to place an order during our holidays. You can contact me anytime by e-mail (best if you have a question about your order) or social media as usual. I will check my e-mails and DMs regularly and will reply as soon as possible.

When we are back on November 1st basically nothing will change for you.
Your orders will be shipped within 24-48h as usual AND they will still be shipped from Germany (now you know who throws in the extra stickers and freebies).

Hope to see many of you in Porto later this month.



  1. Teagan Tamiya Teagan Tamiya

    My friend placed an order for a pocket kicker,RV2V black oak wheels, super silver brt,and a pack of fbs extra smooth grip...we live in hilo hawaii. We ordered it earlier this month and still never get it...when will it be coming in?

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