MOD 1 Slab - Sidewalk

10 x 10 x 2cm

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White Wave

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  • Finally, available on FBS - White Wave ramps made by the Grand Fingers team in Poland!
    Grand Fingers? Never heard about them. Well, it’s about time you do!
    Behind the brand is a team of passionate fingerboarders from Poland. Besides making their own ramps, decks, and wheels they are a cornerstone of polish fingerboard scene. Since a few years Grand Fingers organizes the Polish Fingerboard Championship, which meanwhile attracts fingerboards from all over Europe.
    The White Wave Raw ramps are solid, super smooth concrete ramps. The unique street-look of these ramps is achieved by small color differences in the concrete and the yellow paint of the sidewalks. It’s the little things that make a spot look more realistic.
    A modular design system based on American sidewalks to create your individual street spot. 
    All White Wave ramps with the addition ‚MOD‘ are based on units of 10cm (3.93 inch) long pavement slabs. With one glance you can see how long a spot or sidewalk is. For example the 2 Slabs - Planter is 20cm (7.87 inch) long (2x10cm pavement slab), the 4 Slabs - Brick Ledge is 40cm (15.75 inch) long (4x10cm pavement slab).
    We recommend a distance of 3 to 4 pavement slabs between ramps in order to have enough space to pop and land your tricks.
    MOD 1 Slab - Sidewalk 
    1 pavement slab for your street spot to create some space between ramps or as a mini kicker for the 4 slabs - Brick Ledge.
    Length: 10,0cm (3.93 inch)
    -> 1 Slab on the MOD-system
    Width: 10,0cm (3.93 inch)
    Height: 2,0cm (0.79 inch)
    Weight: about 0,38Kg (0.84 lbs)
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