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Oak Wheels

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Oak Wheels

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  • Oak Wheels offer a unique riding experience hand made in Portugal. Each wheel features a ball bearing and is made from a special blend of Urethane, the same material as skateboard wheels. The smooth, grippy and soft material gives Oak Wheels their famous 'mucho feeling'.
    The Oak Wheels RV2V are the conic version of RV2 Oak Wheels. They have exactly the same diameter and hardness as the RV2 wheels but with an improved V shape. Wider and heavier, this wheels will improve inertia, stability and help you lock into the grind. They are wider for more stability while landing your tricks. They are also bit heavier. The extra weight under your setup helps to improve the rotation of your fingerboard during flip tricks

    Oak Wheels are specially designed to work with Blackriver Trucks and can also be used with Ytrucks. To make sure your Oak Wheels fit perfectly on Ytrucks we recommend using them with the FBS Spacers. They are not compatible with Bollie Trucks or Tech Deck trucks.
    You can find more information on which wheels work on which trucks in our blog post ‚FBS Setup Guide'.

    One set contains 4 Oak Wheels RV2V White.
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  • Ivan Moreno 22-12-2020 20:34

    Man, just got the wheels (so quick to Spain :o) for Christmas, btw the first oak wheels that I buy, feeling is awesome, the looks on BRT’s look very very nice. You should get them If you want to have a complete pro setup or just in a setup they’re amazing :D
    Worth the money to.

    Pasquale Pisacane (@FingerboardingItaly) 02-09-2017 19:00

    After 1 month of shredding:
    First oak wheels I try and they feel amazing. The "mucho feeling" is more than just a motto,it's the truth! By the way sometime too much grip makes some tricks really really hard (but this is the price to pay for the great feeling),this is why four and not five stars. The wheels are actually very big and this is really comfortable on vert obstacles,but it gives a little extra-weight too, to the setup, that makes flips rotation more clean and so more stylish!
    If you want to pull the best out of these wheels ,I recommend using them on marble surfaces and not on wood---> The too much grip is perfect for really really smooth surfaces like marble or glass but can be a limit on wood and concrete. This is just my experience and opinion and the feeling with these wheels can be different from person to person. Enjoy!

    Mateusz Hawes 04-03-2017 10:40

    These are my first ever bearing wheels and they feel amazing. They provide a smooth ride and roll perfectly.
    8 mm long and 5 mm wide makes them look stunning. After a very long time, they'll start to get a slightly different colour like real skateboard wheels.
    Worth your money.
    Hawes approved

    4.65 stars based on 3 reviews
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