Trucks Wide 2.0 Silver/Silver 32mm

Professional Trucks

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  • Blackriver created the first professional trucks in fingerboard history. Due to their realistic design it’s hard to tell difference between Blackriver Trucks and their bigger brother the skateboard trucks. The look and the feel of these trucks is unique and with different bushings you can tune your Blackriver Trucks the way you always wanted to.
    The Blackriver Trucks Wide 2.0 feature a 32mm wide hanger which makes them fit perfectly on fingerboards which are 32mm wide or more.

    One set of Blackriver Trucks Wide 2.0 contains:
    - 2 Blackriver Trucks with 6 lock nuts, 4 bushings and 2 washers
    - 8 screws
    - 1 Blackriver metal tool

    The color combination of this truck set: silver baseplate / silver hanger.
    Before assembling please read the included instructions.

    Blackriver Trucks are designed to fit special BR Edition wheels. All Wheels available on FBS work perfectly with Blackriver Trucks. For example Oak Wheels, FlatFace Wheels, ill Pills and Blackriver Wheels. More details about the wheels and their compatibility with different trucks can be found in the respective product description.

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  • Mateusz Hawes 04-03-2017 10:33

    First off, these trucks ARE worth the price. They are heavier, giving you more control and turn smoother thanks to the high quality bushings and pivot cups. Cheap aluminium Tech Deck trucks (made in China in bulk) will never be able to compare to real metal, precision made Blackriver trucks. I've used both types so I know what I'm talking about. As seen on the pictures, the end of the hanger (where the wheels meets the hanger) is tapered so as not to wear down the product of the wheel, instead touching the bearing. One very important thing to note is that you'll need Blackriver edition wheels (examples: all Winkler Wheels, all Oak wheels, brr edition Flatface wheels) that are designed to fit. The process of making these trucks is expensive, therefore the price has to be what it is. However, Brr trucks last longer, in the long run making it cheaper buying one set of these, than having to replace or fix your aluminium trucks every 2 months. Great customer service included.
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